In our BRWHOUSE kitchen, we are in pursuit of one goal: To elevate the relationship between food and beer to a whole new level.
Ironically, perhaps, for a country famed for being meat-centric, we decided to cast vegetables in the starring role. Fermented, smoked, dehydrated and fried – this is the vision of CEO and Head of Culinary Ben Pommer. Each dish demonstrates the versatility, complexity and array of flavour which vegetables are capable of producing, showing us that vegetables need not be an addition or afterthought, and are more than capable of holding their own. Meat lovers need not be concerned, though, as we do also offer an admittedly impressive selection of regional meats, cooked to perfection in our smoker.


We cook with a variety of craft beers and regularly seek inspiration from their diversity of flavor. The kitchen team and our brewmaster constantly strive to find dishes that pair harmoniously with our craft beer creations. For those that simply cannot decide which dish to select from our menu, we also offer sharing menus, an option that offers the best BRWHOUSE experience, giving guests the opportunity to try and share a multitude of awesome dishes.