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Almost exactly one year ago, we moved the first used shipping containers to Gleisdreieck. Back then, it was difficult to imagine how to build a full brewery and a cozy BRWHOUSE out of these 38 containers. From our construction site Biergarten last summer to the official opening this January until today: we would like to celebrate our one year anniversary at Gleisdreieck. For the first BRLO BRWFEST, we are bringing together some of our favourite International breweries, as well as some of the up and coming breweries from Berlin.

Lets have a toast together with:

40FT (UK)
Edge Brewing (Spain)
Kinn Bryggeri (Norway)
The White Hag (Ireland)
Bevog (Austria)
Jopen (Netherlands)
Stu Mostow (Poland)
White Frontier (Switzerland)

Berlin Brwcomers
Fuerst Wiacek (16.6.)
Pirate Brew (17.6.)
Motel Beer (17.6.)

BRLO Brauskurs (Deutsch)


Have you always wanted to learn the ins and outs of brewing beer?! Now is your chance. On 07.05 we will be hosting a dry run of our BRLO brwing course. Over the course of the day we will brew a 60 litre batch of beer, receiving in-depth knowledge of each of the ingredients involved in the intricate process of brewing. Participants will also receive some sensory training, in which they will be thought how to appreciate beer to the fullest. The course will be delivered in German, however, our host for the day also speaks fluent English, for those participants who may need some help with the industry specific language.

Over the course of the day participants will receive:

– 4x 0,3cl BRLO Beer

– A guided tasting of 5x 15cl beers from a certifed beer sommelier

– A coffee and water flat-rate

– A selection of delicious snacks from the Brwhouse kitchen

The course will run from 10a.m until approximately 6p.m

Tickets available at:



After 14 months of planning and construction, we have finally officially opened our BRLO BRWHOUSE. We celebrated the grand opening with everyone who was involved in realising the project, and, most importantly, family and friends. A huge thanks to everyone for all the great support over the last few months!